1 a a hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub. b this cut for timber or for fuel, or for use in crafts, manufacture, etc.
2 (in sing. or pl.) growing trees densely occupying a tract of land.
3 (prec. by the) wooden storage, esp. a cask, for wine etc. (poured straight from the wood).
4 a wooden-headed golf club.
5 = BOWL(2) n. 1.
Phrases and idioms:
not see the wood for the trees fail to grasp the main issue from over-attention to details. out of the wood (or woods) out of danger or difficulty. wood alcohol methanol. wood anemone a wild spring-flowering anemone, Anemone nemorosa. wood-engraver a maker of wood-engravings. wood-engraving
1 a relief cut on a block of wood sawn across the grain.
2 a print made from this.
3 the technique of making such reliefs and prints. wood-fibre fibre obtained from wood esp. as material for paper. wood hyacinth = BLUEBELL 1. wood nymph a dryad or hamadryad. wood pulp wood-fibre reduced chemically or mechanically to pulp as raw material for paper. wood-screw a metal male screw with a slotted head and sharp point. wood sorrel a small plant, Oxalis acetosella, with trifoliate leaves and white flowers streaked with purple. wood spirit crude methanol obtained from wood.
wood warbler
1 a European woodland bird, Phylloscopus sibilatrix, with a trilling song.
2 any American warbler of the family Parulidae. wood wool fine pine etc. shavings used as a surgical dressing or for packing.
woodless adj.
Etymology: OE wudu, wi(o)du f. Gmc

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